T&S Dice Design Competition

Get a fully customized set of dice made for you.
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Opens: January 27th
Closes: February 27th
Eligibility: Customers (New and Existing)
Design requirements:  Very flexible - Anything that communicates your idea
How To Enter: Create your design and message it to our facebook group 'Torches and Swords' with your name and order number.
We will create a post for the T&S blog.
There will be a vote to create a shortlist and a Winner.
The Winner will have their design forged, detailed and painted.
There are no restrictions on how you create your design - we will accept anything from a complete computer sketched set of dice to just a hand-drawn D20 on a napkin. 
We are excited to work to bring your ideal dice into reality.
If you have questions, shot an email to torchesandswords@gmail.com