Green Magic & Gold Dust

Green Magic & Gold Dust - RPG D&D Dice And Equipment - Torches & Swords

Green Magic & Gold Dust

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Item Details

Unique Lore:

An iridescent sparkle that art and written description fail to do justice.

Enjoy The Roll:

Feel the heft of high-quality metal on every roll, with this heavy & well-balanced dice set that will impress everyone around you.
It's a unique hand-painted addition to any collection and an even better gift for RPG enthusiasts.


Included: 7 Pieces D4,D6,D8,D10,D%,D12,D20
Size : 13-20mm 
Material: High-Quality Zinc Alloy
Numerals: Raised Bevel
Design: Green & Gold With Sparkles
FREE Delivery: 1-3 Weeks

Dice so nice you'll
want to roll twice!
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Tales from many happy adventurers

"Because treats are important. The metal dice from T&S are just on another level."

Andrew P.

"I died several times in a row when I opened the container to the rose gold and teal dice. Like holy shit these are gorgeous!"

Holly M.

"So I'm officially a geek. My new amazing dice are pretty much the best thing ever."

Alec H.

"I’m CRAZY about my excellent D20 set! Great weight and solid rolls have kept me using my bad boys for my nerd-escapades!"

Edgar M.

"And so the collection grows, got another awesome addition from Torches & Swords"

Markus T.

"Just realised I never shared my obsession with these guys. Their dice sets literally never fail to impress me and my buddies."

Nicholas C.

"My metal dice sets came today! So stoked with them. Can’t wait ‘til the others arrive."

Caleb H.

"They are like magical fae stones in turquoise and rose gold!!! I can’t wait to play with them in my next session..."

Lillian K.

"Finally bought my first set of metal dice. So happy with the beauties I just received!"

Harrison S.