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    Powerful Pride

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    • Impressive addition to the best of collections
    • Perfected weight and balance for metal dice
    • Incredible design and easy to read
    • FREE Velvet Rolling Tray of your choice with 2 Metal Sets from T&S.

    Add any Velvet Rolling Tray to your Bag with 2 Metal sets and it will be automatically discounted.
    5 Designs to choose from

    • 100 Day satisfaction return guarantee

    We want you to love your dice, if after getting them you don't fall in love with the weight feel and look of your new dice, you have a 100-day no-questions-asked return guarantee.

    • Beautiful Design and Feel
    "Real strength comes from being true to yourself and proud to be so. Courage is not the abscene fear but the triumph over it. These jewels are the manifestation of strength and courage in pride!"

    The perfect weight and feel of these well-balanced dice will impress everyone around you included the DM/GM.

    Great rolling, easy reading, and superior quality design.

    An impressive addition to any collection and an even better gift.


    Included: 7 Pieces D4,D6,D8,D10,D%,D12,D20
    Size : 13-20mm 
    Material: High-Quality Zinc Alloy
    Numerals: Raised Bevel
    Design: Powerful Pride
    Delivery: 1-3 weeks worldwide

    Dice so nice you'll
    want to roll twice!

    Finest Materials

    Enchanting Design

    Magical Support